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Why Heavy Drinkers Decide to Change How Much They Drink - BeerMod.com

Why Heavy Drinkers Decide to Change How Much They Drink

Heavy drinking is a habit that can creep or develop as a result of lifestyle choices such as work, friends, and activities. But most heavy drinkers choose to quit at some point on their own or with the help of a treatment or self-help program such as 12-step Alcoholic Anonymous (AA). So why do binge drinkers decide to change their alcohol consumption?

Elizabeth Hartney‘s research with her colleagues at the University of Birmingham in the UK showed that excessive alcohol consumption did not develop in a predictable, linear model. Instead, alcohol use habits vary from person to person. And even heavy drinkers adjust their alcohol intake as the situation dictates. Many of the same problems make people want to drink more drink less than they want.

What Makes Drinkers Want to Cut or Stop?


A new role like parenting was a reason many heavy drinkers give to make changes.

Comparison with other drinkers

Some drinkers noticed that they were drinking more from their friends and family, which made them wonder if they were drinking too much.

Judgments about drinking

For some people, it has provided the motivation to judge themselves and change their own drinking behavior.

Advice to change

A reputable professional’s professional advice to reduce alcohol intake was considered enough justification for changing drinking habits.


Accepting the expense of drinking will prevent some people from maintaining high alcohol levels.


Serious health issues and even the side effects of alcohol such as bloody eyes or hangovers were discouraging for many drinkers.

Body Weight

For those trying to lose weight, the recognition of the high-calorie content of many alcoholic beverages was enough to make them want to cut back.

What Is The Way To Stop Drinking Or Stop Drinking?


Some professional roles make it difficult for drinkers to avoid alcohol.

Comparison with other drinkers

Believing that you drink a normal amount because it is like your peers, having a positive view of drinkers, and seeing other people’s drinks more problematic than yours can prevent you from realizing that you are drinking. too much.

Judgments about drinking

Justifying your own drink can be your biggest obstacle.

Advice to change

Unlike professional advice, personal advice from non-professionals can actually strengthen a smoker’s determination to continue drinking.


Although many studies show the health harms of alcohol, some heavy drinkers have a false belief that alcohol is good for them. Also, when health advice is given by professionals who do not seem healthy in themselves, it is not taken seriously.

Body Weight

Some drinkers use alcohol instead of food when trying to lose weight. This was promoted in the French Women Don’t Fatten books, which also promotes the myth that alcohol is good for health.

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