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Why Brewers Love to Work Together? - BeerMod.com

Why Brewers Love to Work Together?

Collaborative beers have long been a feature of the craft brewing environment. But in recent years, beers created by a pair of breweries working together have become almost commonplace. Browse your local pub’s beer list and you can see at least one beer created along with a visiting brewery.


When collaborated, new customers want to try other beers from the brewers they meet. This provides a unique opportunity for cross-selling. It’s also a great opportunity to collaborate to bring all your beers to beer lovers without extra marketing expenditure.


Beer producers spend a lot of time and effort on brand awareness to stand out from thousands of companies and sell. Collaboration is one of the most direct ways to increase brand awareness. Collaboration with a very good brewer has a big share in making your brand more known and more reliable.

Drawing Attention

Collaborations are a situation that beer lovers follow closely. A beer lover, even on a pub menu, the first place they look at is collaborative beers. When a brewer collaborates, it will attract more attention and demand than any other marketing activity.

Trying New Things

Beer lovers are gourmets. The reason why there are so many craft beer producers and beer varieties is that people who love beer are more open to innovations than many people. When a brewer cooperates, beer-loving people think that this new beer is different, good quality, and exciting, and they want to try it out.

Limited Edition Effect

If the amount of production from a product is low, the demand for it is high. This applies to any business and product and also applies to beer. Beer drinkers know that cooperative beer doesn’t exist forever, and they try it at the first opportunity they provide.

Learning Experience

The brewery is a very detailed process that varies from brewer to brewer. Each brewer has its own methods and secrets. Collaboration is a great way to learn about newly implemented technologies and different processes. Also, during the brewing stages, it is a good learning method to ask questions and get answers directly to the person doing the job. This way, brewers can have enough knowledge and enthusiasm to produce crazy beers while improving their skills with what they learn from each other.


Socializing with friends with a beer is great. But, brewers are unable to socialize as often as beer-loving people as there is not much time left from the very tedious and time-consuming brewing process. For this reason, collaboration provides a unique opportunity to socialize and spend more time with like-minded people.

Social Responsibility

Brewers and beer-loving people form a very large community. It is very important to create social awareness by using the power of such large organizations. The best example of this is “Black is Beautiful” beer.

Protests about racial inequality in America have reached areas of the world far beyond the United States. And the movement has reached the craft beer community. Brewers worldwide are joining an initiative called Black is Beautiful by selling stout beer with the same label to raise awareness around the injustices Black people and people of color face daily and to help raise funds for organizations that support them.

Marcus Baskerville, the founder and head brewer of Weathered Souls Brewing Company in San Antonio, TX, started this initiative. “As a father and Black business owner, I wanted to figure out a way to give back,” Baskerville told Delish. “I didn’t participate in the protests, and so I kind of felt disappointed in myself that I wasn’t able to get out there and be there for the cause.”

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