What Is DDH Beer?

If you’ve spent time at any bar recently, you may have noticed three lowercase letters on beer menus: DDH.
These days, breweries are building their brands on the uber-hype that comes with almost everything they label as Double Dry Hopped. Some breweries have built their business on DDH with this catchy term on social media. Sometimes, these fans pay $ 20 to $ 30 for a single pack of four! In the end, the question arises: Is Double Dry Hopped an organic marketing term or a new style?

Ten years ago, the term DDH was unheard of, and any beer using certain methods used in DDH beers was often called “Dry Hops”. Hops are added to the brewing cycle at certain times during boiling to achieve the desired levels of bitterness to balance the sweetness of the malt.

Keep adding more malt and more hops until you reach the desired IBU levels to match the style guide you are using or the preferred flavors you plan to meet. If a brewer wants to be larger and create a Double or Triple IPA, they will double or triple their malt and hops and skip the basic recipe. Dry hopped, but, is their technique, but that doesn’t mean they can’t go hand in hand sometimes!

By definition, the hops added to the mash at the end of boiling will lead to fewer alpha acids being converted into iso-alpha acids and so more aromatic lending to beer, pine, citrus, herbal, or grassy notes. In contrast, dry hopping is the process of adding dried hops to worth during secondary fermentation. By adding hops after boiling, the essential oils it contains are not extracted, and so only aromatics, not any bitterness, pass into the finished product. This technique has become popular in almost all styles, including lagers and sours. But, none were near as sought after as the Hazy or Juicy IPA.

Apart from its definition, that is, the hops added to the mash at the end of boiling are called “DDH”, it is also used in many different meanings. Some of those:

  • It is marketing, in fact, those who brewing with the single dry-hopped method follow the trend and define it as DDH.
  • Double dry-hopping is the addition of hops post-fermentation on two different days. (e.g. first addition a week before kegging, second addition four days before kegging)
  • DDH has transcended its literal definition, taking on a meaning — and beer style — all its own.
  • Using dry hop twice as much as the recipe indicates.

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