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The World’s Most Famous 17 Breweries to Visit - BeerMod.com

The World’s Most Famous 17 Breweries to Visit

During the pandemic, some breweries may be closed. Please contact the brewery before visiting.

Brooklyn Brewery

The Brooklyn Brewery is a main worldwide independent craft brewer and a pioneer of the American craft beer transformation. From Williamsburg, Brooklyn, they draw motivation from their neighborhood network of pioneers and creators to spread the way of life and imagination of craft beer to 29 states and 30 nations on 5 continents.

The Boston Brewery

One of the establishing fathers of the USA, Samuel Adams was additionally the organizer of one of America’s unique craft breweries. The museum relates everything to tell about the brewer and patriot, as the historical backdrop of brewing in the US. Utilized for test bunches, this was the first site for brewing the renowned Boston Lager.

Ommegang Brewery

The town is known for being the birthplace of baseball; but, who realized this villa was a hotbed of U.S. hop creation? The Ommegang brewery delivering Belgian-style ales including a Witte, Rare Vos, and Hennepin. The as of late opened bistro additionally centers around the Belgian toll.


Here in Miller Valley, you will experience an indoor/outdoor guided walking tour of over 160 years of brewing history. Experience everything from Frederick Miller’s arrival in Milwaukee to today. Your tour blends the rich history of Miller Brewing Co. with the modern technology of today’s brewing process.

Stone Brewery

Experience an expanded tour route, where your expert guide will lead you through the heart of our brewing facility in Escondido. We’ll give you an insider’s look at the brewing process and craft beer culture. Then finish it off with a selection of core and special-release beers served in a souvenir glass for you to take home.


It’s not a brewery visit; Heineken offers an “experience” through the internal functions of one of the world’s biggest beer makers. Guests line up for the primary fascination, “Brew U” a ride where visitors feel what it resembles to turn into a beer. As they are stirred up like malts, showered with water, and put overheat.

Stella Artois

This home of Stella Artois, the renowned Belgian lager, offers visits for different degrees of beer enthusiasts. So in case you’re the sort that needs a sprinkling of history before honey bee covering to the tasting room, the “Classic Tour” is for you. Genuine beer nerds can decide on the “Beer Tour,” which drives guests through each multifaceted advance of the brewing cycle.

Sapporo Brewery

This is Japan’s only museum dedicated to beer, which explores the long history of Sapporo Beer, passed down from the days of the 1876 Kaitakushi business.


Beer and college go inseparably; so it’s no puzzle that probably the best pilsner is brewed in one of the world’s most seasoned college towns. Though the school goes back to the 15th century, Rostocker has been made in Warnemunde since 1878. The visit is well known with Baltic Sea cruisers in port for the afternoon.


Go along with them at the Guinness Storehouse to encounter the set of experiences, hearts, and souls of Ireland’s most notable beer. Investigate the narrative of Guinness before taking in the perspectives on Dublin from the Gravity Bar.

While experiencing the city, visit its restaurants to try out Guinness-animated food pairings. An incredible yell for each one of those long-past due catch-ups you’ve been arranging with buddies.


Some consider Budvar the “genuine Budweiser,” on the grounds that the city of its starting point is alluded to as “Budweis.” Drinking Budvar fresh from the tanks in our brewery cellars is one of the greatest beer experiences in the world.


Founded in 1932, this brand includes a beautiful office that promotes beers throughout the years. Tiger’s packaging and canning measures are especially hypnotizing.


In case you’re a beer enthusiast, a budding brewer, or an admirer of fine ales, you will adore this. The Coopers brewery visit will take you through every stride of the creation cycle for both beer and DIY Beer. You will begin at our historical center where you’ll meet your guide Frank, a specialist in everything Coopers’ related! After learning about the historical background of Coopers in the gallery, you will visit an onsite powerhouse on your way to the brewery. Then look at the packaging corridor before going to the exhibition hall for a beer tasting and a talk with Frank.


Carlsberg Visitors Center offers visitors to take a “self-guided” tour around their brewery. Carlsberg Visitors Center can be found at The Old Carlsberg, only around 5 minutes from the city center by car.

During your trip, you’ll walk through a horse stable, a garden with sculptures from J.C. Jacobsen’s collection. The tour ends at Jacobsen Bar in Jacobsen Brewery where you can sample their products.


What goes into making Fuller’s ales taste so good? How much has brewing changed? How do we continue to thrive in an ever-changing world? You’ll discover the answers to these questions and the secrets of our success when you visit the Griffin Brewery.

Magpie Brewing

Magpie Brewery is a great place to have some decent western food and high-quality craft beer.
In the brewery, rather than a show window-style exhibition hall prepared for the tour, you can walk through the brewery facilities and ask vivid observations and questions.

Brouwerij ‘t IJ

Brouwerij ‘t IJ has been brewing quality beers since 1985. It all started when musician Kasper Peterson looked for an official outlet for his experimental home brewing. As a member and composer of the band Door Mekaar, he fell in love with the Belgian-style beers while touring south of the Dutch border. Since similar beers were not yet brewed in Amsterdam, Kasper decided to produce them himself.

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