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The Best Virtual Tours of 12 Breweries - BeerMod.com

The Best Virtual Tours of 12 Breweries

When beer lovers visit a country, the first activity they want to do is to visit the brewery. With the effect of the pandemic, it is obvious that we cannot travel like in the old days. It seems that these visits cannot be made for a while. For this reason, breweries started to provide virtual tour opportunity. Now you can visit anywhere without leaving home!

Big Sky Brewing Co.

Montana, United States

Big Sky Brewing Company was started by Neal Leathers, Bjorn Nabozney, and Brad Robinson. Brad and Neal had been homebrewers in Michigan since the mid-1980s and had moved to Missoula with a group of friends in the summer of 1990.

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Yellowhead Brewing

Edmonton, Canada

Yellowhead beer originated in 1894 on the site of the present royal Glenora Club in Edmonton’s river valley. Both the original ‘yellowhead’ and our yellowhead premium lager take the name from an actual historical personality: Pierre Bostonians, aka tête Jaune.

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Red Racer


Central City Brewers & Distillers started as a Brewpub in 2003 at Central City in Surrey BC.

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Meantime Brewing Company

London, United Kingdom

Meantime Brewing Company is a brewery based in Greenwich, London, England. The company was founded by Alastair Hook in 1999, and was purchased by SABMiller in May 2015.

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26 Brewing Co.

Florida, United States

26° Brewing Company is a local craft beer brewer and tap room located in Pompano Beach, Florida

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512 Brewing Company

Austin, TX, United States

(512) Brewing is a micro-brewery located in the heart of Austin, brewing for the community using as many local, domestic and organic ingredients as possible.

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Austin Beerworks

Austin, TX, United States

The Austin Beerworks idea began with two friends digging beer, and grew into a tangled web of connections, changing careers and love for brewing. The founding four are head cellar-man Adam DeBower, brewmaster Will Golden, and business gurus Michael Graham and Mike McGovern. While they each came from different backgrounds and experiences, they all believed a high-quality brewery could thrive in Austin, Texas.

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Red Ale Brewing Co.

Blanco, TX, United States

Since 1996, Real Ale has grown from a small family operation making beer in the basement of an antique store in downtown Blanco to a brewery of 55+ people making some of the highest quality craft beers in the state.

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The Brooklyn Brewery

New York, United States

Time: 4:50

The Brooklyn Brewery started with a dream to return brewing to Brooklyn, once a powerhouse of American beer production. Today our beers travel to more than half the United States and over thirty countries. Our James Beard Award-winning Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and his team brew everything from classic styles to bold experiments and collaborate with brewers, innovators, and artists from around the globe. We’ve met wonderful people in remarkable places, and we can’t wait to show everyone what’s next.

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Budweiser Budvar


Time: 3:57

Budweiser Budvar best known for its original Budweiser or Budweiser Budvar pale lager brewed using artesian water, Moravian barley and Saaz hops.

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Goose Island Beer Co.

Chicago, United States

Time: 1:53

Their famous beer began with a trip across Europe when Goose Island founder (and unabashed beer lover) John Hall took a tour across the continent. Pint by pint, he savored the styles and selections of brews in every region, and thought to himself, “America deserves some damn fine beer like this, too.”

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Founders Brewing

Michigan, United States

Time: 1:00

Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers were home brewing enthusiasts who had as lately moved on from school. The organization was initially composed in 1996 as John Pannell Brewing Company; Stevens and Engbers changed the organization’s name to Canal Street Brewing Co. in 1997

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