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The 10 Best Hangover Remedies That Actually Work - BeerMod.com

The 10 Best Hangover Remedies That Actually Work

“I’ll never drink again!” is a common sentence that spills from the mouths of many who wake up after a night of drinking, feel like a sledgehammer pounding on your head and a stomach-churning like shoes forgotten in a washing machine. Alcohol is a diuretic; in other words, it causes fluid to be extracted from the body. It is the resulting dehydration that causes the worst hangover symptoms. Unfortunately, there is no magic stick cure for hangovers, but there are methods you can use to treat these symptoms until they resolve.

Drink water

To get a hangover, you need to overcome the dehydration caused by alcohol consumption. The way to do this is to drink water when you wake up. Consuming easily digestible fluids that will not strain the digestive system will help you replace your lost liquid without disturbing your stomach.
Drinking half a liter of water before bed will lower your dehydration before you wake up. Put a glass of water at the bedside for nighttime drinking.

Drink a sports drink

Like water, sports drinks are a very effective way to deal with dehydration and provide the energy you need. These drinks contain carbohydrates that release energy slowly, which makes you feel good little by little throughout the day.

Drink juice

You can also drink freshly squeezed fruit juice. Vitamins and minerals in fruit juice will make you feel good. Fruit juices usually contain a lot of fructose. This is a sugar that provides both energy and affects liver function.
Juices are often rich in vitamin C. This is something you lose in urine when you drink.

Drink ginger tea

Drinking ginger tea can suppress dizziness and nausea. This tea, which pregnant women usually drink to relieve morning sickness, is effective even if you have a hangover.
You can boil 10-12 pieces of fresh ginger in four cups of water and add the juice of an orange and half a lemon, and finally half a glass of honey. This mixture stabilizes the glucose balance in the blood and immediately gets you up.
Choose regular tea instead of a carbonated ginger drink. Carbonated beverages further strain your stomach and can cause nausea.

Avoid caffeinated drinks

Drinking water and fruit juice are necessary to fill the fluid deficiency, but drinking large amounts of caffeinated beverages such as coffee can increase dehydration. Caffeine also raises blood pressure, which can strengthen hangover symptoms.

Eat eggs

Eggs are a great food to deal with hangovers and a great source of energy-producing B vitamins.  After drinking lots of alcohol, your body will gladly welcome the amino acid cysteine ​​in the egg. Cysteine ​​breaks down the toxins that make you feel bad after drinking. Cleansing your body of these toxin residues, eggs can help you feel better, vigorous, and energetic.

Eat cereal

If even thinking about the egg makes you nauseous, eat a bowl of fortified breakfast cereal instead. You can choose whole grains because they contain more vitamins and nutrients.

Eat vegetable soup

A vegetable, not very dense soup is a good source of vitamins and minerals you will need if you have a hangover. Vegetable soup can be very effective in replacing lost salt and potassium.

Eat something rich in potassium

When you urinate frequently, you lose more potassium than usual. Low potassium levels cause fatigue, dizziness, nausea, all of which are signs of a hangover. To deal with this situation, you need to eat foods that are good sources of potassium.
Bananas, baked potatoes, green leafy herbs, mushrooms, and dried apricots are rich sources of potassium.

Eat easy to digest such as toast or crackers

If you have stomach problems, eating something that is easy to digest may be the best option. The purpose of eating for a hangover is not to “absorb” alcohol, but to raise blood sugar and replace nutrients.
Alcohol prevents you from maintaining normal blood sugar concentrations, and low blood sugar causes fatigue and malaise, making you feel tired.


  • If you have a hangover, eat well because if your stomach is empty, you will feel more nauseous.
  • To avoid a hangover, drink water after each alcoholic drink and before going to bed.
  • Take a cold shower. This cools you down and helps relieve headaches and stomach aches.
  • Drink responsibly.
  • A study shows that hangover symptoms vary according to the type of alcohol consumed: (from high to low) brandy, red wine, rum, whiskey, white wine, gin, vodka, beer.
  • Brush your teeth before going to bed, or at least in the morning. This will help you get rid of the stale taste of alcohol and reduce nausea.

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