Support Local Breweries During COVID-19 (Giant Corporations Will Survive Anyway)

Local breweries, like other small businesses, need more support than ever before in the pandemic. Now, there are many ways you can both support your community and support brewers to keep their business.

Buy beer from local breweries

This is very clear, but we have to say; drink local beer. The most basic need for local brewers to continue is to sell their beer. You can always buy beer from macro breweries. But there is a risk that local breweries may lose both their unique and high-quality beer businesses and their employees during this period.

Buy some merch

You still need clothing to wear at home, even during the pandemic. It is possible to buy some clothes from the local breweries. In fact, you can buy any merch even just to show your support. This is one of the good ways to show your support.

Make a donation or give a tip

Tipping staff when you buy beer is one of the best ways to support or donate to keep things going.

Support on social media

A post, like, or comment only takes a few seconds of your time, but will be great for local breweries. It doesn’t matter whether you want to thank you for the great beer and service, or just say hi, it will mean a lot.

Buy a gift card

One of the simplest and most direct ways to help is by buying a gift card. You can keep this gift card for yourself or give it to your friends as a lovely gift.

Check on the health of the brewery employees

Finally, you can support the people working in your local brewery by asking them how they are and whether they have any needs. This is both a humanitarian approach and a great way to provide the morale that local producers need in this period. Show your support in every way!

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