Porter was first brewed in Ireland in 1776 and, although Arthur Guinness did not start brewing until 1787, he had phased out all other types of beer from his Guinness Brewery by 1799. Beamish and Crawford in Cork and Murphy's Brewery followed suit and abandoned ales in favor of porter. The move from porter to stout was made when Arthur Guinness realized that he would pay less tax if he used unmalted and roasted barley in his beer._x000D_
In Ireland, especially Dublin, the porter was known as plain porter" or just "plain". This is the drink referred to in Flann O'Brien's poem "The Workman's Friend": "A pint of plain is your only man." By contrast, an extra-strong porter was called Stout Porter. The last Guinness Irish porter was produced in 1974, though the company launched a "revival" based upon a 1796 recipe in 2014. After the invention of malted barley roasted until black to impart a darker color and distinct burnt taste to the beer in 1817, Irish brewers dropped the use of brown malt, using patent malt and pale malt only, while English brewers continued using some brown malt, giving a difference in style between English and Irish porters."

Food Pairings
  • Cheese
    Gruyère-Style Cheese, Cahill'S irish Porter Cheddar
  • Entrée
    Smoked Foods; Barbecue; Sausage; Rich Stews; Meats; Bacon; Chili; Braised Dishes
  • Dessert
    Devil'S Food Cake, Silky Chocolate Pot De Crème
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