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Tasting Notes

A beer for beer lovers, the German-style helles is a malt accented lager beer that balances a pleasant malt sweetness and body with floral Noble hops and restrained bitterness. The helles is a masterclass in restraint, subtly and drinkability which makes it an enduring style for true beer lovers and an elusive style for craft brewers to recreate. The German helles reminds beer lovers that the simple things in life are usually the most rewarding and worth pursuing. German-Style Helles “Helles” means “pale in color,” as these beers are often golden. The German-style helles lager is a bit rounder or fuller-bodied than light lager and even all-malt pilsners. Helles lager beers offer a touch of sweetness that balance a measurable addition of spicy German hop flavor and light bitterness. The malt character is soft and bready, making it a terrific complement to light dishes such as salad or fresh shellfish, like clams. Clean and crisp, this is a refreshing beer with substance. Low levels of yeast-produced sulfur aromas and flavors may be common. A Classic German Beer While the German helles is highly versatile for pairing with food, helles lager is designed for refreshment and makes for the ideal beer on a hot day. Today, small and independent craft brewers offer their own takes on this classic German beer, many following the German tradition exactly, including German malts, spicy German hops and expertly controlled fermentation, offering a balanced yet subtly sweet lager beer. Others have added their own American twist on the helles variety by adding American hops and making this lager beer available in aluminum cans so beer lovers can enjoy this style while out and about. If you have not had the pleasure of tasting and appreciating this beer brewed for beer lovers, do yourself a favor and seek out a brewery near you that

  • SRM Color Scale
    4 - 5.5
  • International Bitterness Units (IBUs)
    18 - 25
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV)
    4.8% - 5.6%
  • Alcohol
    Not Detectable to Mild
  • Hop Aroma/Flavor
    Hop aroma is not perceived to low. Hop flavor and bitterness are very low to low, deriving from European noble-type hops
  • Malt Aroma/Flavor
    Malt character is sometimes bread-like, yet always reminiscent of freshly and very lightly toasted malted barley
  • Yeast Esters
    Not common to style
  • Yeast Phenols
    Not common to style
  • Body
  • Carbonation
    Medium to High
  • Finish Length
    Short to Medium
  • Attenuation
    76 - 82
  • Hops
    German Noble
  • Malt
    Pilsner, Munich
  • Water
  • Yeast
Food Pairings
  • Cheese
  • Entrée
    Samosas, Wurstsalat, Rump Steaks with Marinade
  • Dessert
  • Carbonation
    Medium to Fast Rising Bubbles
  • Clarity
    Clear to Brilliant
  • Color
    Pale to Golden
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