Malt and caramel are part of the flavor and aroma profile of the English-style mild while licorice and roast malt tones may sometimes contribute as well. Hop bitterness is very low to low. U.S. brewers are known to make lighter-colored versions as well as the more common “dark mild.” These beers are very low in alcohol, yet often are still medium-bodied due to increased dextrin malts.

  • SRM Color Scale
    17 - 34
  • International Bitterness Units (IBUs)
    10 - 24
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV)
    3.4% - 4.4%
  • Alcohol
    Not Detectable
  • Hop Aroma/Flavor
    Hop flavor is low to very low
  • Malt Aroma/Flavor
    Caramel, Chocolate, Coffee, Licorice, Raisin, Molasses. Malt flavors dominate the flavor profile
  • Yeast Esters
    Fruity-ester flavors, if present, are very low to medium-low
  • Yeast Phenols
    Not common to style
  • Body
    Soft to Mouth-Coating
  • Carbonation
    Low to Medium
  • Finish Length
    Short to Medium
  • Attenuation
    78 - 87
  • Hops
    Kent Goldings
  • Malt
    British Pale Ale, Crystal, Pale Chocolate, Black Patent
  • Water
  • Yeast
Food Pairings
  • Cheese
    Mild Cheddar
  • Entrée
    Mushrooms and Wild Game
  • Dessert
    Dark Fruit Tart
  • Carbonation
    Slow to Medium Rising Bubbles
  • Clarity
    Clear to Slight Haze
  • Color
    Reddish Brown to Very Dark
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