Tasting Notes

Dutch-Style Kuit, Kuyt, or Koyts are gold to copper-hued ale. Chill cloudiness and other fog is suitable. The general aroma character of this beer is grain underscored with a grainy-bready complement. Hop aroma is low to low from honorable hops or other conventional European assortments. The unmistakable character originates from the utilization of at least 45% oat malt, least 20% wheat malt, and the rest of malt. Hop flavor is low to low from honorable or other conventional European assortments. Hop bitterness is medium-low to medium in saw power. Esters might be available at low levels. Low degrees of diacetyl are worthy. Corrosiveness and sweet corn-like DMS (dimethylsulfide) ought not be seen. This style of beer was mainstream in the Netherlands from 1400-1550. The body is low to medium.

  • SRM Color Scale
    5 - 12.5
  • InternationalĀ BitternessĀ UnitsĀ (IBUs)
    25 - 35
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV)
    3.8% - 6.3%
  • Clarity
    Chill haze
  • Color
    Gold to copper
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