American strong pale ales range from deep golden to copper in color. The style is characterized by floral and citrus-like American-variety hops used to produce high hop bitterness, flavor, and aroma. Note that ―floral and citrus-like American-variety hop character‖ is the perceived end, but may be a result of the skillful use of hops of other national origins. American strong pale ales have medium body and low to medium maltiness. Low caramel character is allowable. Fruity-ester flavor and aroma should be moderate to strong. Diacetyl should be absent or present at very low levels. Chill haze is allowable at cold temperatures.

  • SRM Color Scale
    6 - 14
  • International Bitterness Units (IBUs)
    40 - 50
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABV)
    4.0% - 4.5%
  • Hop Aroma/Flavor
    Hop aroma and flavor is high, exhibiting floral, fruity (berry, tropical, stone fruit and other), sulfur/diesel-like, onion-garlic-catty, citrusy, piney or resinous character that was originally associated with American-variety hops. Hops with these attributes now also originate from countries other than the USA
  • Malt Aroma/Flavor
    Low caramel malt aroma is allowable. Low level maltiness may include low caramel malt character.
Food Pairings
  • Cheese
    Leicester Cheddar
  • Entrée
    Mexican Food
  • Clarity
  • Color
    Pale to copper
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