REVIVE Gin: Made from 80K Recycled Budweiser Beers

Regardless of anything else, we’re the sort of folks that will drink bourbon or beer over some other alcoholic alternative most days of the week. We love an exemplary gin and tonic, but, that’s not the situation with Ethical Spirits and their REVIVE craft compound gin.
The Coronavirus has affected us all in each, way possible, but it’s directed to a colossal excess of beer. Anheuser-Busch’s Japan division make an arrangement with Ethical Spirits to reuse 80,000 Budweiser beers as gin. Further flavored gin is planned, highlighted by juniper berries, lemon slivers, cinnamon, hops, and beech chips.
This gin takes all the natural flavors of a Bud and lifts it to the following level thanks to the wide range of various fixings. REVIVE Gin is accessible now from Ethical Spirits Japan, yet that implies having a donkey to get it stateside. We hope it, in the long run, arrives on our shores, but, it’s worth sourcing a bottle in case you’re into gin.

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