Michelob Ultra offers literally $50,000 to explore national parks and enjoy beer

Beer brand Michelob Ultra said it’s looking for a “Chief Exploration Officer” to offer paid $50,000 to explore U.S. national parks while drinking beer. The brewery said the “Boss Exploration Officer,” or “Chief,” will go through a half year going through national parks during a camper van furnished with a latrine, shower, and a cooler packed with Michelob Ulta Pure Gold Organic Light Lager.

The brewery said the camper van and gas cash will be accommodated to the CEO, likewise as compensation of $50,000 in addition to costs. “We realize a few people like better to appreciate the external alone, yet on the off chance that it improves the excursion, our CEO is very free to bring along a sweetheart, mate, accomplice, or possibly a canine,” Michelob said inside the posting.

The posting said the corporate is looking for somebody with an affection for the outside and a vigorous ability to know east from west. “The fundamental things we’re attempting to discover are a profound thankfulness for nature, the eagerness to climb to the correct photograph opp and in this manner the capacity to catch drawing in content for online media. Gracious, and adoration for a beer, obviously,” it said. The parks to be visited by the CEO incorporate Yosemite, Sequoia, Joshua tree, Big Bend, and Saguaro.

Applications are being acknowledged through Sept. 30.

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