How To Properly Pour Beer

First things first, drinking out of a glass is the most ideal approach to drink a beer. There are many reasons you’d need to drink your beer out of a glass, like how it improves the flavor and aromas.

Due to the structure of the bottle, we also drink the air in the empty part of the bottle at the time of drinking, this creates extra bloating. The most important issue is the CO2 in the beer. If you do not “break out” this CO2 while pouring the beer into the glass, the CO2 in the beer will be stuck among the liquid. It will again cause extra bloating in your stomach.

Continue reading to figure out how to pour a beer like an expert.

Choose your beer

Make sure your beer is not shaken, fresh out of the sun, and cold enough.

For further reading on beer shelf life and storage conditions: Does beer have an expiration date?

For further reading on serving temperatures: Proper Beer Serving Temperatures

Choose the right glass

In fact, you can drink beer out of any glass. You could drink it out of an espresso cup in the event that you needed to. Even so, when you need to get the most out of your beer and drink it like a connoisseur, there are open dishes to serve up a variety of beer styles.

It should also important that the glass is dry (when serving beer from a bottle and a can), clean, and unchilled.

You can search here for beer or beer style for the right glass pair.

Proper Pouring


Tilt the glass at 45 degrees angle, pour the beer slowly so that the beer lands directly in the middle of the side of the glass without touching the glass from about 1 inch above. (If you’re pouring a beer with nitrogen like Guinness, you should hold the glass closer to the bottle or tap.) After the glass is half-filled, the glass is brought to the upright position and the pouring continues in the middle of the beer.

You’ll have to pour your beer gradually to avoid foam. Totally staying away from foam or head isn’t generally the most ideal approach to pour a beer. It will decrease the carbonation also decrease beer’s bitterness, acidity, and aromas.

How much foam should be in beer


In a perfect world, you need to leave around 1 inch to 1.5 inches of head on your lager, but, it will rely upon the brew and style. A few lagers foam more effectively than others.

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