Beer Games: General Hover aka Hovering Bunnies

Also known as ‘‘Hovering Bunnies,” General Hover is so cute that even Mr. Rogers enjoys around now and then.

The game begins with a ‘‘general hover’ — everyone holds out his hand’s palms down and shakes them. One player in- initiates the action by clasping his hands together and pointing at another player. The second player must then make Mickey Mouse ears. The player on ‘“‘Mickey’s” right makes a right-handed Mickey, and the player on the left makes a left-handed Mickey.

All three “Mickeys” must be made nearly simultaneously. Any delay causes the delaying player to drink.

After holding these positions for a second or two, the player making the ‘‘full Mickey” says, “‘General hover,” and everyone begins hovering again. After an indeterminate period, the Mickey clasps and points to another player, who then becomes the new Mickey. This continues until someone messes up.

There is also a maneuver called the “‘jockey.” Anyone may call a “jockey” at any time during the game, except when players are Mickeying. When a jockey is called, everyone jumps up and slaps his hands on his thighs, making a sound like a galloping horse. The person who initiated the jockey ends it simply by sitting down and announcing a return to “general hover.” There is little purpose to a jockey except to make any woman playing jump up and down.

Because General Hover is so cute, it is more often enjoyed by women than men. Most men wouldn’t be caught dead making Mickey Mouse ears unless of course, they are trying to make ‘‘Mickey” with one of the Minnie Mice.

Source: The Complete Book of Beer Drinking Games

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