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Does beer have an expiration date? - BeerMod.com

Does beer have an expiration date?

Does Beer Go Bad?

You’ve probably seen an expiration date on all beer bottles. Beer bottles and cans have expiration dates today, which means the beer can go bad and lose its flavor. But beer doesn’t go bad exactly like anything else in the fridge. Instead, the quality of the beer flavor and body declines over time. Check the expiration date if you find that the beer has lost its acidity/carbonation or no longer has a fresh and delicious taste.

But don’t worry, even if you don’t like the taste of an out-of-date beer, it’s generally not harmful.

If you are sure that the beer is stored correctly, the bottle or the can is not damaged, it is quite safe to drink. But, beers whose expiry date has passed for months may not be very pleasant to drink. In cases where proper sanitation is not done, it is possible that bacteria remaining in the bottle or on the lid could cause an infection. That could have an impact on the taste of the beer.

What is the Expiry Date?

How long beer can last after bottling depends on the type of beer and storage conditions. Beer should be consumed within 6 to 9 months after bottling. Especially when the right conditions are provided for homemade beers, the expiry date may be longer up to 2 years.

Under What Conditions Should We Store Beer?

The best thing you can do is keep the beers you love under the best conditions that will help them last as long as possible. To do this, make sure that:

  • Keep Beer Cold: The best storage temperature is about 12 degrees Celsius. It corresponds to the temperature of a classic underground wine cellar. You can store specialty beers up to around -1 degrees to prolong their life, but let’s point out that this is not the right temperature to drink. You can read more about the beer serving temperatures here.
  • Find a Dark Place: Prevent your beer from being exposed to sunlight for a long time. For this reason, beer bottles are produced in dark colors. Make sure the beers you buy while traveling or from the free shop are not damaged or exposed to the sun until you get home. Consume the beer in a short time.
  • Store Beer Upright When the bottles are tilted, much more surfaces of the beer will be exposed to air. It may speed up the reactions caused by contact with oxygen and rust on the cap due to liquid contact with the metal cap. You can also prevent deterioration in the taste of your beer that you keep in an upright position.

When it comes to beer, the taste of the beer will actually give you the best information about its quality. Be sure, your sense of smell and taste that has evolved over thousands of years of evolution will show you the right way.

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