Cold in the Shadows: Beer and Campari Cocktail Recipe

The recipe pairs the bitter aperitif with fresh lemon and a little honey syrup, as well as a yummy raspberry liqueur. After shaking all of these several times, the great craft beer is added and the mixture is served over crushed ice.

This cocktail is a nice way to get your beer and aperitif in one glass, so it’s a great choice for dinner. You can share this fun drink at casual dinners.


  • Campari 1 ounce / 30 ml
  • Lime juice 1 ounce / 30 ml
  • Honey syrup 1/2 ounce / 15 ml
  • Raspberry liqueur 1/2 ounce / 15 ml
  • Beer IPA 1 1/2 ounces / 45 ml
  • Orange and Lime slices for garnishing


  • In a cocktail shaker, pour the Campari, lime juice, honey syrup, and raspberry liqueur.
  • Shake quickly with a couple of ice cubes, then add the IPA.
  • Fill a highball glass with crushed ice.
  • Strain the drink into the glass.
  • Garnish with slices of orange and lime.
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