Chocolate Stout Affogato: Beer and Espresso Cocktail Recipe

This is a very grown-up dessert and the taste is rich and ripe, not overly sweet, and certainly not simple. Both espresso and stout are strongly flavored and are quite bitter to them, and when paired with the simple and syrupy sweetness of chocolate liqueur and coffee ice cream, they are a gorgeous mix of coffee and chocolate undertones, with sweet and bitter. All four components connect all flavors.

Temperature and intensity contrasts – hot thin espresso, ice cream, cold frothed beer – add another element of complexity to at least the first few bites before they all melt into one delicious blend. Since the effort to put this together is absolutely minimal, these are the perfect desserts to finish off your next dinner party.


  • Stout beer 9 oz / 250 ml
  • Hot espresso 2 oz / 60 ml
  • Chocolate liqueur 1.5 oz / 45 ml
  • Coffee ice cream 1 scoop


  • Place the ice cream in a glass
  • Pour the espresso, chocolate liqueur, and stout over the top
  • Serve immediately
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