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Get Drunk Without Drinking; Auto-Brewery Syndrome - BeerMod.com

Get Drunk Without Drinking; Auto-Brewery Syndrome

Think of a normal Sunday: you woke up, got dressed, had breakfast, sipped squeezed juice, and went out to enjoy the beautiful weather. You began to experience mild drowsiness, dizziness, and loss of coordination all a sudden in the afternoon. When you go to the doctor, a blood test is done and you have alcohol in your blood. But you are also sure that you have not been drinking anything for 2 days. How can this be?

Auto-Brewery Syndrome is actually a rare disorder that you will find quite interesting. It is a very unusual ailment in people with excessive amounts of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae yeast in their stomach. Because of this over-fermentation, alcohol is produced in the digestive tract of humans after consuming carbohydrates.

In our body, besides our own cells, harmful pathogens are trying to invade us. Beneficial bacteria in our digestive system and other organisms that do not live in our body appear in this situation. Most of them are not harmful to us, but, they are very useful. Most bacteria living in our intestines find a place in our digestive system by doing many things that we cannot do. And we provide them a living environment.

But somehow, with this yeast settling in your digestive system, people who have this yeast in their stomach get drunk. Let’s say you had a casual meal and you never consumed alcohol. But after a while, you get drunk. Because the yeast that has settled in your stomach or intestines produces alcohol after normal metabolic activities. This is where the term auto-brewery comes from. They use your body as a production facility. Thus, since this produced alcohol is produced in your digestive system, it mixes into your blood and after a while, you become lighthearted.

The Effects of Spontaneous Intoxication

It is interesting to be drunk when you consume something sweet, right? If you can’t control this and consider the effects of long-term alcohol consumption, don’t think you will want it much. Also, psychiatric problems such as burping, dizziness, dry mouth, hangover, chronic fatigue, and depression and anxiety can also be seen in these people. But don’t worry, everyone who consumes brewer’s yeast does not have this syndrome. But, the prevalence of this syndrome, ie its incidence in the community, is very low.

The earliest cases were documented in Japan in the 1950s and then checked in a series of studies conducted in America by Barbara Jean Cordell. When we look at the cases in the last year, we can see that only a few examples have occurred in different parts of the world.

How Likely to Have Auto-Brewery Syndrome?

If we look at the reasons, the main reasons these yeasts have settled in the digestive system so far have been associated with the decrease in our flora of other beneficial prebiotic bacteria or your Crohn’s disease. It tells us that in some cases, even in children around the age of 3, it is not related to how much you consume, it is also caused by a genetic factor. Considering it is quite rare, it is unlikely that you will get this ailment by consuming fermented beer.

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