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Carrer De Bigues 40, 08140 Caldes de Montbui, Barcelona, Spain


Our experience started a few of years back, specifically a radiant spring day where we met for a beverage on the porch of a bar and requested a beer, and there, talking furthermore, appreciating a cold beer, we began to seem all starry eyed at ... an extended time has gone by, we've made an exquisite family and therefore the enchantment of our first day remains especially alive. Possibly the mystery was that beer? What made it exceptional and novel? The fantasy about discovering unika beer originates from our own sentiment. The beer that creates you start to seem all starry-eyed at the structure the principal day and continues after a while.

The look for the recipe for a beer that creates you start to seem all starry eyed at right off the bat and endures after a while encouraged a gathering of companions passionated for brewing to fabricate a brewery, yet not another one, but rather the foremost exotic and dazzling one among them, unika beer. we would like to accomplish the standard and therefore the flawlessness that a real Premium beer requests and that we hope you appreciate it with an excellent organization

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