2072 Stoneman Circle, Lakewood, New York 14750, United States


Since our humble beginnings, Southern Tier Brewing Company has grown into an industry leader and world-class brewery.

As demand has grown over the years, Southern Tier has expanded to a 110 BBL Steinecker brewhouse. Surrounding the brewhouse is the packaging hall with a keg, bottle, and can production lines as well as our ever-growing farm of fermenters and state-of-the-art brewing quality lab.

From our wildly innovative founder, Phin DeMink, who’s still a daily inspiration, to the new generation of brewers who share our pursuit of what’s next, we keep honing the creative edge of brewing discovery. Our brewing team utilizes a 2BBL and 25 BBL system for smaller batches to test new and cutting-edge ideas. Many of these beers are available in our taprooms.

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