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1075 East 20th Street, Chico, California 95928, United States


Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. was established in 1979, with organizers Ken Grossman and Paul Camusi growing their homebrewing interest into a brewery in Chico, California. Alongside the brewery's area, Grossman claims the organization's name originates from his affection for climbing within the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. With $50,000 in advances from loved ones, Grossman and Camusi leased a 3,000 square foot (280 m2) distribution center and sorted out disposed of dairy gear and scrapyard metal to form their fermenting hardware. They later had the choice to get recycled copper blending pots from Germany before moving to their bigger, current preparing office in 1989.

The principal clump fermented on-premises was its ale, in November 1980. the subsequent year, the brewery presented Celebration, an IPA, which it keeps on being delivered as a winter occasional. The organization sold 950 US beer barrels (1,110 hl) of beer in its first year, and twofold that sum within the second.

The organization's first worker was Steve Harrison, who was placed in charge of promoting and sales. Head brewer Steve Dresler was employed in 1983 when its yield was 25 to 30 barrels for every week and resigned in 2017.

The organization dispersed the beer itself within the mid-1980s, battling with budgetary and showcasing issues. A 1982 article within the San Francisco Chronicle featuring the brewery, even as having its beer sold in conspicuous eateries, for instance, Berkeley's Chez Panisse, found out a business opportunity for Sierra Nevada's beer.

By 1987, the brewery was conveying to seven states and creation had received 12,000 US beer barrels (14,000 hl) per annum, making the organization sought after building another brewery. In 1988, the brewery moved into a 100-barrel brewhouse, with four open fermenters, and eleven 200 US bbl (230 hl) optional fermenters. After a year, Grossman and Camusi included the Sierra Nevada Taproom and Restaurant, which serves lunch and supper and incorporates a gift shop. In 2000, the brewery opened "The Big Room", an unrecorded music scene situated inside the brewery's offices, highlighting an assortment of acts including nation, country, society, rock, blues, and other melodic types.

Camusi resigned in 1998 and offered his offer within the organization to Grossman.

In 2010, Sierra Nevada Brewing joined forces with the Abbey of the latest Clairvaux, with the cloister starting the creation of Trappist-style beers in 2011. The Abbey has not yet been authorized by the International Trappist Association, and thusly the cloister won't mix official Trappist beer.

The brewery utilized around 450 individuals in 2011.

In January 2012, Sierra Nevada reported it might construct a second preparing office with a connected eatery in Mills River, North Carolina. The LEED-Platinum-confirmed structure opened in mid-2014 on a forested lot contiguous to Asheville Regional Airport, re-utilizing the cut-down trees as wood both within the structure and for the water reservoirs that flush the latrines.

In 2013, the organization opened the "Torpedo Room" in Berkeley, their first tasting room outside of Chico.

In January 2017, Sierra Nevada gave an intentional review of certain 12-ounce jugs of varied beers in 36 states due to an assembling deformity that had potentially brought chipped bits of glass into the container.