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The first brewery was established in 1844 because of the Empire Brewery, later Best and Company, by brewer Jacob Best. The brewery was controlled by Jacob Sr. also, his children Phillip, Charles, Jacob Jr., and Lorenz. Phillip assumed responsibility for the organization in 1860.

They began the brewery on Chestnut Street Hill in Milwaukee with a limit of 18 barrels (2.9 m3). Afterward, in 1863, Frederick Pabst, a steamship chief and child in-law of Phillip Best, purchased half Phillip Best and expected the function of VP. In 1866, Best's other female child, Lisette, wedded Emil Schandein, to whom Best sold the staying half the business. This move made Frederick Pabst president and Emil Schandein VP. Lisette Schandein took over as VP of the organization through 1894 after her significant other's death.

Two components helped position the organization for significant growth; the but ideal death of Milwaukee brewing contender C.T. Melms in 1869 due to contamination from a needle, and therefore the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Melms' brewery was offered to Best and Company after Melms' death, which enormously extended the limit with regards to the organization.

Then, with the hearth in Chicago several years after the very fact clearing out the Chicago brewing industry, the organization was during a situation to develop with less rivalry to worry over. By 1874 Phillip Best Brewing Co. was the country's biggest brewer. The brewery's blockbuster was a beer, Best Select, which started public sales in 1875. By 1893, Pabst became the first brewer within us to sell in more than 1,000,000 barrels of beer during a year.

During a big part of the 20th century, Pabst was controlled by Harris Perlstein, who was named president by Frederick Pabst in 1932 after a merger of Pabst Brewing and Premier Malt Products Co. (the last of which Perlstein had been president). Perlstein stressed examination and development; under his bearing, Pabst worked with American Can Company to deliver the most beer cans, attempted to form item consistency among numerous area breweries, and put vigorously in publicizing and advancement. In 1954, Perlstein was named Chairman, and served until 1972; he then filled in as Chairman of the chief Committee until his retirement in 1979. Pabst's sales received a pinnacle of 15.6 million barrels (2.48 billion liters) in 1978 preceding they went into a precarious decrease.

During Prohibition, Pabst quit making beer and altered to cheddar creation, selling in more than 8 million pounds (3.6 million kilograms) of Pabst-ett Cheese. At the purpose when Prohibition finished, the organization returned to selling beer, and therefore the cheddar line was offered to Kraft.

Pabst was eminent in Milwaukee for its brewery visits. Guests to Pabst's visit were remunerated with a number of the time-unlimited glasses of beer at its finish of-visit Sternewirt Pub. Complete with a sculpture of Captain Frederick Pabst and servers pouring from pitchers of Pabst cordon bleu, Pabst Bock, and Andeker, the bar was famous with vacationers and native people an equivalent, particularly understudies from accessible Marquette University and therefore the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.

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