2235 North Atherton Street, State College, Pennsylvania 16803, United States


Otto's was opened in October 2002 by Charlie Schnable, already the brewmaster of Williamsport's Bullfrog Brewery, and Derek Duffee, flatmates when they were students at Penn State. Schnable managed the microbrewery tasks, while Duffee dealt with the entirety of the café activities. Duffee inevitably sold his part of Otto's.

In 2005, Roger Garthwaite turned into an accomplice in the business. In November 2010, Otto's Pub and Brewery descended the road to 2235 N. Atherton Street, a traffic light away from its previous area. The new space, already a Quaker Steak and Lube café, gave extra stopping, all the more seating, and a bigger brewery. The new area additionally gave space to a thoroughly stocked bar.

Otto's center beers incorporate Apricot Wheat, Spruce Creek Lager, Red Mo Ale, Mt. Nittany Pale Ale, Slab Cabin IPA, Double D IPA, Zeno's Rye Ale, and Green Weenie IPA.

Huge numbers of Otto's beers are named after neighborhood Central Pennsylvania attractions or are references to fly-fishing: Spruce Creek Lager, Spring Creek Lager, Red Mo Ale, Black Mo Stout, Slab Cabin IPA, Zeno's Rye Ale, Mt. Nittany Pale Ale, and Green Weenie IPA and Green Drake IPA. Otto's has since quite a while ago incorporated a Root Beer soda pop notwithstanding the microbrew determination; they've additionally included Orange Soda, Grape Soda, and Ginger Beer.

Otto's Pub and Brewery and Barrel 21 Distillery and Dining are claimed by C&D Brewing Ventures, Inc.