Marshall's Mill, Marshall Street, Leeds, England LS11 9YP, United Kingdom


We are an independent brewery based in Holbeck, Leeds. The spiritual heart of the industrial revolution.

Inspired by our northern surroundings and the history of monastic brewing practiced across the region for thousands of years, we commit ourselves to create the highest quality beers, combining the best of traditional monastic brewing values with a progressive approach to ingredients and techniques.

Community and collaboration are at the core of our business. We focus on working with anyone who shares our passion, and our values. We regularly collaborate with national and international breweries, businesses, and charities to help strengthen the north for positive change, and to continually diversify our own offering. One of the ways we do this is through our patrons' projects.

Today, in the north we carry a torch for all that beer was, and all that beer can be. We’re on a quest to create the best beer we can, giving back where we can

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