Santa Fe, Jalisco, Mexico


Modelo Group, established in 1925, is that the pioneer in Mexico in beer creation, dispersion, and showcasing.

It has an absolute yearly introduced limit of 70 million hectoliters. As of now, it brews and conveys 13 brands, including Corona Extra, the most Mexican beer sold on the earth, Modelo Especial, Victoria, Pacífico, and Negra Modelo.

It sends out six brands and is out there in more than 180 nations. it's the importer of Anheuser-Busch InBev's items in Mexico, including Budweiser, Bud Light, and O'Doul's. It likewise imports the Chinese Tsingtao brand and therefore the Danish beer Carlsberg.

In the US, Modelo Group imports and markets its brands through its joint endeavor referred to as Crown Imports. therein nation, three of the Modelo brands are among the most five imported beer brands and it's the most organization to possess its six fare brands among the simplest 20. Crown Extra has been the most imported brand within the US since 1997. Further, Modelo Especial is that the third most documented imported brand within the US, Corona Light is that the fifth – aside from being the primary among the imported light beers - Pacífico is that the fifteenth and Negra Modelo the nineteenth.

The Sales and Marketing Division at Modelo Group organizes the endeavors to increment worldwide sales and unite the presence of Grupo Modelo everywhere within the world. Through our unfamiliar workplaces, we serve various business sectors so on offer superior support of importers, wholesalers, buyers, and customers and to ensure the accomplishment of the Grupo Modelo items.

The worldwide development of the Modelo Group items started within the mid-seventies within the US. During the eighties, Corona Extra became the quickest developing imported beer throughout the whole existence of the US and since the mid-eighties, the business world began to discuss the "Crown marvel". Later on, the creation of Corona Light started, solely to be traded to the US market.

In 1985 Modelo Group started its venture into other business sectors. It entered first in Canada and Japan, and later in Australia and New Zealand. In 1989 it began to export to Europe and, further on, Modelo Group reached Russia, Africa, and Latin America.

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