235 Grandville Avenue Southwest, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503, United States


Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers were home brewing enthusiasts who had as lately moved on from school. The organization was initially composed in 1996 as John Pannell Brewing Company; Stevens and Engbers changed the organization's name to Canal Street Brewing Co. in 1997. They took that name from the verifiable name of the Grand Rapids road (presently Monroe Avenue) where that they had found out tasks, during a region where a couple of 19th century bottling works once stood. The name for his or her Founders ale included a verifiable image of brewers from that point with "Organizers" above it; clients took that to be the name of the organization, so Engbers and Stevens received it for general use.

During the 2000s, after its transition to a much bigger office on Grandville Avenue, Founders got one among the foremost conspicuous distilleries in Michigan, growing its market to 37 states and its creation ability to 340,000 barrels for every year. By sales volume, Founders was the 30th biggest U.S. craft brewery, and 41st biggest U.S. brewery by and enormous in 2012. By 2014, Founders had move to the 17th biggest craft brewery and therefore the 23rd biggest generally. In 2014, Founders declared a $35 million development to double its creation limit and permit creation of 900,000 barrels for every year.

In December 2014, Founders reported that Spanish brewing organization Mahou San Miguel had bought a 30% minority stake within the business. a big brewery stake of this size drove the Brewers Association to not, at now assign it as a "craft" brewery. In August 2019, the organization declared that it had been selling another 60% to Mahou; Stevens and Engbers, would each hold 5%, with other minority partners purchased out.