Steigerstraße 20, 44145 Dortmund, Germany


Because of business consistently improving, the organization extended and opened up to the world in 1872, changing its name to "Dortmunder Actien Brauerei" (Dortmund Joint-Stock Brewery). In 1879, the organization began to send out its beer universally. In 1881, Carl von Linde himself furnished the brewery with one of his refrigeration machines, considering a blast of base fermented beer. In 1893, the brewery set up a synthetic and bacteriological research facility. Although World War I prompted an accident in beer creation, the brewery was furnished with its own personal railroad association in 1917. After the close complete decimation of Dortmund in World War II, the brewery was remade by 1949.

From 1959 to 1963, DAB changed from the old wooden to new aluminum barrels. The Hansa Brewery, a neighborhood contender, was procured in 1971. On its grounds, DAB raised another advanced brewery, completed in 1983, at the time the biggest in the Ruhr territory. Nonetheless, the expense of the securing of Hansa was significant and troubled DAB for quite a long time to come.

Faulty choices by the organization management during the 1990s exacerbated the circumstance, prompting a breakdown of the organization brands and the expanding creation of nonexclusive brands to utilize the limits. Indeed, even the securing of the brand names of another nearby rival in financial challenges, the Kronen Brewery, couldn't stop the descending pattern which to this day, despite the fact that the organization is the last brewery in Dortmund, has not been completely stopped.

The most noticeable investor today is the Radeberger Group of breweries, which thus has a place with the organization established by August Oetker, today one of the most conspicuous parts in the German food and drink industry.

Spot delivers a lager called DAB after their initials. Touch was additionally the most loved beer of Erich Honecker, the previous head of East Germany.

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