13th Street and N Ford St, Golden, Colorado 80401, United States


We've been brewing since before Colorado was a state with ages of the family managing a similar cycle we began with. Through thick and thin, we've never faltered on our qualities since we comprehend that you get what you give. For more than 140 years, there has been no compromising, no reasons, simply the best beer we can brew.

In 1868, Adolph Coors, a German brewing understudy, made a beeline for America to live on his own terms by his own guidelines. Within five years, he established the Golden Brewery where it actually stands today.

With courage and conviction, Adolph Coors traveled west and wouldn't rest until he found the ideal water for his beer. He thought that it was moving through the mining town of Golden, at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

Supposedly, it was the persevering diggers of Golden who gave our beer its epithet. In the coming years, "The Banquet Beer" would get inseparable from Coors Banquet.

At the point when preclusion hit Colorado in 1916, the brewery was requested to deplete 561 barrels of beer. Most would've surrendered, yet Adolph Coors didn't evade the issue; rather, he ran towards an answer. He inclined toward new undertakings like assembling porcelain and delivering malted milk for candy organizations. These endeavors proceeded even after April 7, 1933, when the beer streamed once more.

By the 1930s, Coors Banquet's circulation was restricted to simply a modest bunch of states in the western US. The brewery revealed the Stubby Bottle in 1936, and following 17 dry years, the notable bottle turned into an image of standing tall despite misfortune.

Bill Coors was a radical with a reason. Following quite a while of examining the conventional metal can, he presented Coors in an all the more earth benevolent aluminum holder in 1959. This started a reusing transformation and with time the aluminum can become industry standard.

For quite a long time, Coors Banquet was just accessible in 11 states, none of which were in the East. In spite of its restricted dissemination, presidents, superstars, and regular society the same needed a sample of the West. In 1991, Coors Banquet, at last, appeared in each of the 50 states.

Our beer's rich heritage is something to be praised. So we needed to do it as authentically as could reasonably be expected. Motivated by our set of experiences, the Coors Banquet Heritage cans are our yearly toast to the Coors Banquet soul, over a wide span of time.

Our squat bottle is an image of our devotion to Coors Banquet's heritage and history. We're so glad for our bottle that we brought back the equivalent 'Squat' from 1936.

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