Chios, North Aegean, Greece


O Manos Peiraiotes plunge found in Chios in 2009 and alongside James began the matter of our microbrewery within the late spring of 2010 under the name "Brewery Chios".

In 2011 the territory was shaped within the zone of Kampos of Chios (Agios Minas 78) where the organization is housed until today.

In 2012, it began the creation and packaging of Chios Fresh Beer, which is an ingenious proposition within the market. Its packaging is consistently unfiltered and sterile to carry all the taste and qualities of a real beer. within the mid-year of 2012, beer was found in many eateries and bistros on the island, with extraordinary acknowledgment from the nearby network. In September 2012, the "trade" of beer started outside Chios, in those areas within the biggest urban communities of Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Volos, Patras, Kalamata, then forth.)

Toward the beginning of 2013, speculations were made to expand the creation limit even as new staff enlistment. Smoked Robust Porter with its own fan base was added to the rundown of things.

in 2014 - 2015 the expansion of the creation limit was the most inhibitory think about the sales of the organization and new speculations were required in tanks for smooth advancement and sales.

In 2016, Satyr Brew dispatched another beer, preparing for everyone among those that got to make their own beer to know their vision.

In 2017, Chios Beer BBQ added an intensely smoked beer to the item list.

Among the prompt plans of the organization is that the enhancement of the rundown with the creation of two new items. A Weiss type beer with Chios Mastic and another beer with Mandarin Chios

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