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At the point when you go through over 140 years in the possession of thirsty Aussies, you will get a couple of stories en route.

From assisting Queenslanders doing it extremely, to striking GOLD and purchasing an island, it's been one serious ride. Here's the unbelievable tale of how we turned into Australia's main beer.

Our story begins in 1878 with a wide-looked at an insane dream. Two brothers, Nicholas and Edward Fitzgerald, had one objective throughout everyday life: to make the best ales known to man, cherished by ages over this sun-soaked land. Subsequent to beginning in Castlemaine Victoria, the young men chose they required an elite brewery (and hotter weather), so they gathered their packs and made a beeline for Brisbane.

They purchased an old refinery and on the 13th of September of that year, the principal beer was sold. Thus the Castlemaine Brewery was conceived, referred to today as the home of XXXX.

At a certain point or another, each XXXX consumer has contemplated the inquiry: what do the Xs in XXXX mean? Well some time ago, beer quality was estimated in Xs. The brewery's first drop created was XXX Sparkling Ale, granted an entirely good three Xs. In any case, something was absent. In 1893, the brewers idealized the recipe further, increasing a fourth X – and, a few years after the fact, building up the XXXX name that we as a whole know and love today.

You probably won't anticipate that a German chap should be so significant throughout the entire existence of Queensland's number one brew, however, Alhois 'Bill' Leitner would tend to disagree.

When the mid-1900s moved around, XXXX was well and really a hit across Queensland, yet there was an issue with moving the beer to the most sweltering and driest pieces of the state. The Brewery required somebody with a touch of skill to take care of the issue of overcast beer – and that's the place Bill comes in.

Subsequent to working in Germany and Austria and searching for a spot to settle Down Under, Bill went ahead board as our new Master Brewer. He worked out that the issue originated from the manner in which the brew vessels were tidied – with that repaired, it was issue comprehended.

At the point when that occupation was done, Bill set about improving the beer significantly more, and he set up a drop that Queenslanders have been cherishing from that point onward. His recipe for XXXX BITTER hasn't changed since it was first brewed in 1924 – so next time you air out one of Queensland's best, raise it to Bill.

1924 was a major year for the brewery, and with the dispatch of XXXX BITTER came the presentation of another Queensland symbol. Complete with boater cap and yacht close by, Mr. Fourex has been winking at Queenslanders and welcoming them for a beer since his first appearance in a magazine advertisement.

However, who is this puzzling man? Some state he's displayed off Paddy Fitzgerald, a previous General Manager of the brewery. Others figure it was a well-known midget of the time, who sold papers in Fortitude Valley and would utilize the profit to purchase XXXX. Regardless of your theory, Mr. Fourex had been essential for the furniture at XXXX for right around a century – and we were unable to envision brewing without him.

After the First World War, those who returned were eased to have an XXXX without precedent for years – so World War II saw XXXX circulated abroad unexpectedly. Thirsty soldiers in North Africa and Asia got the chance to encounter XXXX, which for some, a warrior was the unmistakable taste of life back home.

We sent XXXX to another country again during the Vietnam War, where the diggers even lovingly nicknamed the lager "security fencing" because of the vibe of the name. They before long got back to the main nation where you can appreciate an XXXX today. That's right, we keep our best brew only for the Aussies.

With the development of the brewery and the support of new Head Brewer Andrew Crooke, XXXX presented various advancements from the 1950s onwards.

There was a scope of new brews: XXXX Lite, Castlemaine 2.2 Bitter, and Castlemaine Special Dry. Not long after came the 'thickset,' a reduced estimated bottle which was stronger and simpler to hold, and the squat holder, which Aussies have been utilizing to keep their XXXX cold on summer days from that point forward.

XXXX has consistently been the beverage of the individuals, and when difficulties are out of control, we've been there to do what we can to help. During The Great Depression of the 1920s, XXXX got hard-hit ranchers out with free grain seeds and purchased out bars that were confronting the conclusion to guarantee that the families could continue running them.

Then came the Queensland Floods of 1974, 2011, and 2013; even with the Brewery submerged, brewers managed to construct improvised pontoons to get beer to those who required it, and give assets to help keep the state above water.

Obviously, we're there for the great occasions, as well, and have our influence as Australia's and Queensland's #1 beer. Whether it's helping the neighborhood publican set up the best position for a boat, kitting out the nearby footy group, or anything in the middle of, we have a glad custom of supporting the network and we're not disappearing any time soon

The mid-1990s saw a restoration of XXXX; we jumped aboard with the Queensland Maroons in 1991 and we've been supporting them from that point onward. That very year saw the dispatch of XXXX GOLD, a mid-strength lager that would proceed to turn into the top of the line beer in Australia.

Aussies have an uncommon spot for this refreshing, full-flavored drop - and after only one taste, it's not hard to perceive any reason why.

In 1999, the five billionths squat moved off the XXXX creation line, and soon thereafter, some portion of the old brewery was crushed to clear a path for another one. An aggregate of 5,000 blocks from the old structure was sold, raising $20,000 for a noble cause.

However, the milestones continue coming, with the new foundation sending more beers out into the world than any time in recent memory. The last significant milestone came in 2016, with the eight billionths squat being delivered and devoured by one fortunate Aussie. That's a whopping three billion liters of beer – enough to fill each Olympic pool in the nation multiple times!

We've generally adored summer at XXXX, and in 2009 we dispatched Summer Bright Lager to celebrate. The refreshing taste of an Aussie summer, bottled up for your pleasure at our #1 season.

Brewed utilizing predominant brilliant filtration and liberated from counterfeit added substances and additives, Summer Bright Lager gave Aussies another approach to commend those warm days and evenings with mates. In 2014, a scramble of lime was added to the blend to make Summer Bright Lager with Lime, and simply a few years after the fact, Summer Bright Lager with Mango joined the gathering. To finish everything off, they're all totally liberated from fake added substances and additives.

Recollect when we purchased an island? That's right, in 2012, XXXX turned into the primary beer brand to get its own one of a kind cut of heaven on the dazzling Southern Great Barrier Reef.

XXXX Island was intended to be a definitive objective for mates' excursions away, and we made them split recollections during our time there. Look at the recordings to remember everything!

Presently you can thump back an XXXX realizing it's brewed at a carbon-impartial brewery. Truth is delineated for, we give an XXXX about the climate.

That's the reason we incidentally flipped off brewery lights green, introduced sun oriented boards, and put resources into enough carbon credits to counterbalance the whole brewery's carbon impression.

We think that's reason enough to hold your hand over another XXXX and raise it to the Sunshine State - good health!

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