Wilkin Street Mews, Haverstock, London, NW5 3AG, United Kingdom


The brewery was established by Jasper Cuppaidge (brought into the world 1975), the grandson of Laurie McLaughlin, who ran McLaughlin's Brewery in Rockhampton, Australia from 1910-1960, alongside a website of 60 bars.

During the mid-1990s, Cuppaidge did not catch his plane back home to Australia and subsequently stayed in England, gathering glasses during a London bar. After ten years, he bought a bedraggled Hampstead bar and returned it in 2006 because the Horseshoe, serving food, wine, and beer.

Cuppaidge brewed his first bunch of beer, named Mac's Beer to pay tribute to his grandfather, at The Horseshoe in 2007 as a birthday gift for his mother, Patricia. In light of 1 of McLaughlin's old recipes, the beer demonstrated effective with the bar's clients, and Cuppaidge began to offer it to his bar proprietor companions.

In 2009, he began to seek after a full-time business in brewing lager however found that the name Mac's was at that time getting used by another brewing organization. Motivated by the district during which he lived, he composed into an online searcher, seen the space name was accessible, and gotten it on the spot.

Not long after, Cuppaidge leased five Victorian railroad curves underneath Kentish Town West Station. By Spring 2010, Camden Town Brewery authoritatively began brewing. Hells Lager, a hybrid of Helles and Pilsner brewed with a malt and hops sourced from Germany, appeared in Autumn 2010, and is presently brewed and sold accessible an assortment of center beers and intermittent deliveries.

In December 2015, it had been declared that Camden Town Brewery was being purchased by the world's biggest brewer, Anheuser-Busch InBev, for about £85 million. The Guardian noticed that "Cuppaidge, his family and three closest companions own 95% of the organization's value, proposing that they need to share a consolidated payout of quite £80m." Watt, the author of the BrewDog craft beer organization, said that they might stop selling Camden Town items in its bars, "since it doesn't sell drinks made by AB InBev".

Camden Town Brewery manufactured another brewery in Enfield by the banks of the River Lee, 12 miles north of their Kentish Town brewery. Finished in Spring 2017, the new brewery will permit creation to maneuver to Enfield while the present branch at Wilkin Street Mews is revamped into a pilot brewery.

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