Sint-Dierikserf 1, Anzegem, 8570 West Flanders, Belgium


Brewery Verhaeghe Vichte is a little family-possessed Brewery in the southwest of the area of West Flanders, Belgium. The historical backdrop of the brewery goes back to 1885.

Brewery Verhaeghe Vichte was established as a brewery-malterie by Paul Verhaeghe. The greater part of the Belgian breweries of this time composed their sales in the quick region of the brewery. In this sense, we can say that the Verhaeghe brewery previously indicated incredible business movement in the past period to the extraordinary war. Through a railroad line connecting Vichte with Brussels, the Verhaeghe brewery had the option to sell a significant aspect of its creation on the Brussels market.

At the flare-up of the principal universal war, Paul Verhaeghe reacted to the call of the Belgian Government to oppose the German occupation financially by halting the creation. The refusal of brewing during the war was reacted thus by the Germans by the destroying of the brewery.

Following four years of dormancy, the brewery had lost every one of its clients in Brussels and was placed before the speculation of entirely different creation gear. In the post-war period, the brewery remained tie locally and adjusted to new patterns on the lookout. The principal brews of beer of low fermentation by the brewery date from this period. The brewery was centered additionally around the improvement of the nature of its current beers.

Right now, the Verhaeghe brewery feels affirmed in its previous decision: somewhat less, yet better. In Belgium as well as far external the Belgian fringes, the purchaser favors an ever-increasing number of beers of high caliber with a special character. The business achievement of the "Duchess of Burgundy" beer, is the best confirmation: The Duchess of Burgundy is a red-earthy colored of West Flanders, developed in oak barrels and is brewed by an antiquated method that is topographically connected with the southwest of the territory of West Flanders.

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