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Geraardsbergsesteenweg 4b, Melle, 9090 East Flanders, Belgium


The site of the brewery has been in activity since 1654. In 1906, Leon Huyghe bought a current brewery in the town. The brewery procured the current name in 1938. While the organization at first brewed a standard pilsner, it before long started brewing the sorts of beers currently regularly known as "Belgian", including a progression of beers under the "Insanity" tag, with pink elephants on the name.

The most popular of these is Delirium Tremens, a blonde, Belgian ale. Other beers brewed incorporate a Christmas beer and a beer called Deliria, a beer chose from 65 passages by ladies brewers, notwithstanding various organic product beers with low ABV.

Huyghe has obtained a few more modest Belgian breweries, remembering Arteveld Grand Cru for 1987, Brouwerij Biertoren in 1993, Brouwerij Dam in 1994, and Brouwerij Villers in 1999.

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