Doortocht 4, 2411 DS Bodegraven, Netherlands


Brouwerij de Molen is a craft beer brewery situated in Bodegraven within the Netherlands. Around a 30-minute drive from Amsterdam. We are notable for our interminable developing and fluctuated assortment of craft beers. We make it
our business to brew the beer styles we like best ourselves. Styles like Stout, Porter, Barley Wine, Bitter, Pale Ale, Sour, Lager, and Saison. We set our guidelines high there and plan to make unique and reformist beers. We just utilize the simplest malts, hops, and yeast as presumably an excellent deal of breweries do also. Nonetheless, our recipes and brewing measures are quite bound to achieve what we take a stab at the aroma's, the flavors, and therefore the bitterness that's remarkable to our beers then consider refreshing the planet over.

We have been regarded with a #1 position Top Brewer within the Netherlands by RateBeerBest throughout recent years and consistently among the highest 100 on the planet . In February we got updates on a lowering #6 position of the planet by near an outsized portion of 1,000,000 RateBeerians round the world.


Brouwerij de Molen may be a trial brewery. We aren't fulfilled on the off chance that we
try to not manage to brew something off the graphs normally. Every six weeks these outcomes in another beer witch we never brewed and presumably never will brew again. So plan to monitor that! The infrequent exploratory recipes happen alongside our consistent scope of 20 beers. We likewise take an interest in tons of joint effort brews with driving craft beer breweries around the globe. All the contentions within the abovementioned conclude that Molenbeers surpass customary beers and craft beers.

World vanquishing Brouwerij de Molen

In 2017 the brewery delivered somewhat quite 10000 hectolitres. immediately
about half our beers are traded to around 30 nations. you'll encounter Molenbeers certain instance Japan, Brazil, Norway, Spain, India, Canada, the US, Denmark, Poland and see… even in Belgium! within the Netherlands is usually accessible in beer shops and craft beer bars.

The establishing of Brouwerij de Molen

Following 12 years of brewing experience brewmaster, Menno Olivier began a brewery and tasting room in his garage called 'De Salamander'. When in 2004 the neighborhood windmill 'De Arkduif' opened the brewery had the choice to develop. The brewery was renamed Brouwerij de Molen for self-evident reasons. it had been additionally the start of Eet-and Bierlokaal de Molen, a beer-centered eatery, tasting room, and beer shop. In 2009 John Brus made his passage as Menno's sidekick and together they made the subsequent stage for Brouwerij de Molen. In 2011 the new brewhouse was taken into activity. it's found 60 meters along the road. In 2017 a gaggle of 19 individuals, including Menno and John, work to brew the beers and convey them into your glass. anywhere you're.

Stichting Philadelphia

Brouwerij de Molen has an inward workshop for intellectually impaired individuals. In close participation with the Philadelphia Foundation and joined by their own screen they uphold the creation cycle of Molenbeers. a mean of around 14 of those partners helps us with naming the bottles, collapsing the cases, tidying up, then forth.