Blarenberglaan 3c, Mechelen, 2800 Antwerp, Belgium


The "Alken-Maes NV" officially began in 1988, following the merger of the brewery Alken Maes and Cristal. But the roots of both entities go back to around 1880. Egied Maes bought the Sint-Michaël brewery in Waarloos, while shortly afterward Arthur Boes started a brewery in Alken, some 100 km away.

Both breweries are developing systematically, with eg Cristal being the first Belgian lager to see the light in 1928. Maes Pils followed in 1946. Afterward, Grimbergen, Ciney, and other beers joined the portfolio, until the merger in 1988. After being part of Danone and Scottish & Newcastle, Alken-Maes joined the HEINEKEN Company in 2008.

Under the wings of HEINEKEN, Alken-Maes is coming to terms with a difficult period and is once again taking full advantage of its position as an innovative challenger on the Belgian beer market. The successful (re) launches of Maes, Desperados, or Grimbergen are proof of this.

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