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Antwerpsesteenweg 496, Malle, 2390 Antwerp, Belgium



At the hour of the French Revolution the Trappists needed to flee their abbey in La Trappe, forsaking it. In 1793 a gathering of those priests showed up in Antwerp. They wanted to go out for Canada, yet the Bishop of Antwerp managed to influence them to line up themselves during a little homestead at Westmalle. The name of this ranch was Nooit Rust ('Never Rest'), a reputation that's likely exceptionally uncovering of the extreme physical work done at the homestead and within the fields. Cistercian life authoritatively started at Westmalle on 6 June, 1794 when 10 priests begin living at the abbey ranch.


Somewhere within the range of 1815 and 1830 the cloister was within the region of the UK of Netherlands , where the administration needed to abrogate scrutinizing requests, for instance , the Trappists. Be that because it may, the priests of Westmalle manage to demonstrate their helpfulness to society by establishing a faculty and build up a visitor house. Although this was a hard and questionable period, the network developed and in 1836 the cloister's status was raised thereto of an abbey.

Inevitably, development works were begun and around 1900 the abbey took on its present shape. During the 1930s the bovine horse shelter was remodeled and another brewery was found out within the grounds of the abbey.

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