Achouffe 32, Houffalize, 6666 Luxembourg, Belgium


The story starts within the last a part of the 1970s, Pierre Gobron and Chris Bauweraerts chose to form their own beer within the garage having an area with Chris' mother-in-law. With the minimal expenditure that they had at that time , they started what the brewery’s fans presently call the "Chouffe Story". the primary mixture of 49 liters was created on 27 August 1982.

At first thought to be a leisure activity, the Achouffe Brewery created when the brothers-in-law chose to shop for the homestead where that they had been brewing for an extended time. Then, consistently, they left on their endeavor full time in 1986.

The brewery had put resources into another brewing house with the goal that they might expand each mix from 22 hectolitres to 70 hectolitres. At that time , the Achouffe Brewery just created enormous, 75cl bottles and "little" 20L barrels of los angeles Chouffe and Mc Chouffe. The 33cl bottles just showed up in May 2009.

As the brewery developed, so did its group of dwarves. Marcel (La Chouffe) and Malcolm (Mc Chouffe) ended up joined by new partners including Matthew (Houblon Chouffe) and now Micheline (Cherry Chouffe)! Every dwarf speaks to at least one of the beers within the range, and every has their own story and qualities.

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