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3750 Chestnut Place, Denver, Colorado 80216, United States


Our story starts within the Sandlot Brewery at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, toward the beginning of the 1995 season. within the wake of procuring his Ph.D. in brewing from the University of Brussels, our organizer Keith Villa returned stateside with the target of brewing all around crafted beers enlivened by Belgian styles, with a refreshing turn. Among the various beers, one fan most loved developed, in evident baseball design they called it 'Bellyslide Wit'. Somebody stated, "A beer this great just comes around very rarely," and thus Blue Moon® Belgian White Belgian-Style Wheat Ale was conceived.

Realizing the American sense of taste would value slightly more sweetness than the common poignancy of a Belgian Wit, Keith brewed with orange strip to realize the signature, unobtrusive sweetness that we as an entire know and love today.

At first, Keith confronted distrust for presenting this new sort of beer to consumers. At that time, the American beer market was overflowed with lagers, and therefore the overcast appearance of the unfiltered Belgian White Style Beer was new.

He likewise saw that barkeeps were serving a long time with a lemon cut, a standard embellishment for a tart Belgian Wit. Keith realized he had a triumphant beer, so he continued, hand-offering a long time from bar to bar and including his special embellishment, an orange wheel, to assist feature the citrus aroma and upgrade the drinking experience.

In the end, a long time picked up acknowledgment, prevailing upon consumers and motivating brewers the state over. In doing intrinsically, a long time shot the crafting progress ahead, assisting with forming the leading edge American beer scene. Presently, quite 20 years after the very fact, a long time is so far the #1 craft within the US and is currently additionally charming shoppers in 25+ nations internationally.

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