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Birra Peroni is an Italian company that is part of the Asahi group. For over 170 years tied hand in glove to the history and tradition of our country, a history made of quality,  sustainability,  tradition,  passion, and talent that has conquered the world.

Founded in Vigevano in 1846, it is now present in Italy with 3 factories in Rome, Bari and Padua, and a proprietary malt shop, Sapelo di Pomezia, and employs over 750 employees throughout the country. The annual production amounts to over 6 million hectoliters, of which over 2 million are exported to the 71 foreign markets in which it is present.

Birra Peroni has become, thanks to the success of its brands, one of the major Italian entrepreneurial realities and today one of the symbols of  Made in Italy in the world, thanks to Nastro Azzurro, today the drunkest Italian beer in the world.

Since 1846, respect for the needs of consumers and customers has been renewed daily through products of the highest quality for a commitment that is the basis of the company's reputation. We know that a quality product is born above all from the commitment and dedication of the people who work in Birra Peroni and that represent the real investment for a company that, for over 170 years, has made shared passion the true sign of its continuity.

The product portfolio includes, in addition to Nastro Azzurro and the various brands of the Peroni family (Peroni Cruda, Peroni 3.5, Peroni Gran Riserva Double Malt, Peroni Gran Riserva Rossa, Peroni Gran Riserva Bianca, and Peroni Gran Riserva Puro Malto, Peroni Forte, Peroni Senza Gluten, Peroni Chill Lemon and Peroncino), the local brands Raffo, Itala Pilsen, Crystall Wuhrer and Wuhrer, the alcohol-free Tourtel and the superpremium range brands Pilsner Urquell, Kozel, St. Stefanus, Grolsch, and Meantime.

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