Tvaika Street 44, LV-1005, Riga Latvia


The origins of the brewery "Aldaris" can be traced back to 1865 when the brewery Waldschlösschen or Forest Castle was built on the outskirts of Riga according to the plans of the Bavarian German Joachim Dauder. Aldaris is one of the few breweries in Latvia, which is located in its historical place and has also preserved the tradition of brewing beer to this day.

Europe's most modern brewery
The brewery Waldschlosschen gained wider recognition at the meeting of the Riga Manufacturers' Association organized in 1906, which in the following years fought persistently for a favorable environment for the beer industry. At the beginning of the 20th century, there was no more modern brewery in Europe than Waldschlosschen. At that time, six beers were brewed, the most popular of which was Porter and Eksporta beers.

The state joint-stock company Aldaris is established. The symbolism of the company is created by the artist Artūrs Apinis, whose elements can be found on the labels even today. The new name of the brewery is chosen thanks to a survey of 3339 people. The brewery underwent major and modern changes, which included the import of special equipment from Germany, such as the copper tanks still located in Aldar today. However, it should be mentioned that these tanks are no longer used for brewing beer.

Aldaris Brewery is recognized as the most modern brewery in Northern Europe, capable of producing six million liters of beer per year. A juice department is also being set up in the brewery. Two varieties of Aldara apple juice appear on the market - natural and sweetened, as well as natural fruit juice sparkling lemonade. Aldara Gaišais enters the market in the middle of July.

Aldaris brews 8 million liters of beer a year, which is 45% of all Latvian beer consumption.

Aldaris is expanding and modernizing the filling plant - the new filling line is able to release 12,000 bottles per hour.

Aldari merges with Vārpa, Ilguciems brewery, and Riga 3rd brewery under a common name: production association Aldaris. The main Aldaris plant in Riga, 44 Tvaika Street, is being reconstructed and expanded. Modern Czechoslovak and German equipment for brewing beer and soft drinks are being installed.

Aldaris brewed 3.3 million liters of beer, a total of 10 varieties, incl. Riga and Aldar beer. An automatic line was made for making pasteurized beer. Beer processing at elevated temperatures increased the shelf life of beer to 1-3 months, opening the possibility to start exporting Aldara products. Aldaris prepared beverages based on malt - Health and Russian kvass. The range of soft drinks was also expanded with drinks Pienenite, Baikal, and Tarhun.

Aldaris starts cooperation with the Scandinavian concern Baltic Beverages Holding (BBH). Later, the company is privatized, the shares of the Aldaris brewery are acquired by both BBH and the company's employees.

2008 - we are part of the Carlsberg Group!
Since 2008, Aldaris has become part of the Carlsberg Group, the largest brewer in Northern and Eastern Europe, and one of the largest in the world. The new regional division envisages that Aldaris will be one of the breweries in the Carlsberg Northern Europe region in the future, opening up new opportunities for the company to cooperate with other distilleries in the region from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Baltic countries.

Aldar's historic brewery is reopened in the same building as Aldar's origins, the legendary Waldschlosschen brewery. 1.3 million euros were invested in new equipment for brewing exclusive beers.

On the 150th anniversary of Aldar, within the framework of the Museum Night, the first beer museum in Latvia - the Aldar Beer Museum - opens its doors. It is the most modern beer museum in the Baltics, with a total of more than 10,000 guests on an opening day. 1.5 million euros were invested in the reconstruction and improvement of the museum.

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