BrewDog Hides Solid Gold Punk IPA Cans In 12-Packs

On November 12, BrewDog tweeted that over the next four weeks, 10 solid gold Punk IPA boxes will be sent randomly from their online store. These gold boxes will be stored in Punk IPA 12-packs that retail for under $ 20.

Each gold can alone is worth about $ 20,000. The brewery also promises each winner £ 10,000 (about $ 13,300) of BrewDog shares and a VIP tour at the Aberdeenshire headquarters.

On November 13, BrewDog founder James Watt announced that the first winning boxes were shipped, but said they would not contain real gold. Instead, to avoid damaging the box, the brewery sent out labeled, numbered Punk boxes that could later be used for the real thing.

To take part, customers must buy a Punk IPA case from BrewDog’s website. All attendees can then look forward to a light gold colored IPA with bold tropical fruit notes splashed from caramel to pineapple.

Unfortunately, the competition is open to UK only participants.

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