The "Vichtenaar" is a beer that is brewed based on profoundly consumed malt, fiery and fruity hops, yeast, and delicate water siphoned from a well which is an assurance of the quality and the virtue of the water. After the fundamental fermentation and the second lagering, the "Vichtenaar" goes through a third fermentation in oak containers for a while. The oak containers are enormous tanks with a limit going somewhere in the range of 5000 and 25000 liters.

The "Vichtenaar" is a conventional and ordinary beer for West Flanders, in the Northwest of Belgium. The flavor of the "Vichtenaar" can be portrayed as marginally acidic and complex and this through the long fermentation in oak containers. The fresh taste of the "Vichtenaar" makes it an especially thirst-extinguishing beer, particularly throughout the mid-year months.

The "Vichtenaar" is additionally one of the last old-Flemish red-earthy colored beers which are developed in oak barrels and are particularly refreshing for its authenticity by the beer epicurean. In 1958 "Brewery Verhaeghe" got for its beer "Vichtenaar" the main prize in the global challenge for beers in Ghent."

  • Alcohol By Volume (ABV)
  • SRM Color Scale
    12 - 25
  • International Bitterness Units (IBUs)
    5 - 18
  • Carbonation
    Medium to Fast Rising Bubbles
  • Clarity
    Brilliant to Slight Haze
  • Color
    Copper to Very Dark
  • Alcohol
    Not Detectable to Mild
  • Palate Carbonation
    Medium to High
  • Palate Length/Finish
    Medium to Long
  • Apparent Attenuation
    71 - 82
Food Pairings
  • Cheese
  • Entrée
    Beef Carbonnade
  • Dessert
    Pumpkin Pie
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