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Norway's West Coast has lent its name to this very hoppy ale, historically designed to withstand the long passage to India. Accordingly, the fine, fruity nuances from the open fermentation are rather more difficult to discern. The malt mixture, incorporating Pale Ale malt and two varieties of caramel malt, are necessary to balance the power of the hops, which are added during the final half-hour of the boil to enhance the flavor and aroma. Once the primary fermentation has occurred, the ale spends nine days with dry hops in the tank, infused with Amarillo, Cascade, Simcoe, and Zeus, before being tapped into bottles and kegs for natural carbonation. Given that this India Pale Ale is brewed in Norway's westernmost town, the designation West Coast IPA is most appropriate. The powerful imprint of hops is an ideal accompaniment to spicy dishes, and, surprisingly, also the perfect adjunct to cured ribs of mountain-grazed mutton. Vestkyst even excels with blue cheese and carrot cake.

  • Alcohol By Volume (ABV)
  • SRM Color Scale
    6 - 14
  • International Bitterness Units (IBUs)
  • Carbonation
    Medium to Fast Rising Bubbles
  • Clarity
    Clear to Slight Haze
  • Color
    Gold to Copper, Red/Brown
  • Alcohol
    Mild to Noticeable
  • Palate Body
    Soft to Sticky
  • Palate Carbonation
    Medium to High
  • Palate Length/Finish
    Medium to Long
  • Apparent Attenuation
    76 - 80
Food Pairings
  • Cheese
    Blue Cheeses, Vintage Cheddar
  • Entrée
    Spicy Tuna Roll, Teriyaki, Chicken Satay, Pad Thai, Stir-fried Vegetables, Soy-based Dishes, Pizza, Burgers, Grilled Meats, Avocado, Spicy Wings, Oily Fish
  • Dessert
    Persimmon Rice Pudding, Sorbet Ice Cream
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