By definition, an India pale ale is hoppier and higher in alcohol than its younger sibling, pale ale—and we convey in spades. One of the most very much regarded and top of the line IPAs in the nation, this brilliant excellence detonates with tropical, citrusy, piney hop flavors and fragrances, all entirely adjusted by an unpretentious malt character. This fresh, extra hoppy mix is immensely reviving on a hot day, yet will consistently convey regardless of when you decide to drink it.

  • Alcohol By Volume (ABV)
  • SRM Color Scale
    6 - 14
  • International Bitterness Units (IBUs)
  • Carbonation
    Medium to Fast Rising Bubbles
  • Clarity
    Clear to Slight Haze
  • Color
    clear golden with a white head.
  • Alcohol
    Mild to Noticeable
  • Palate Body
    Soft to Sticky
  • Palate Carbonation
    Medium to High
  • Palate Length/Finish
    Medium to Long
  • Apparent Attenuation
    76 - 80
Food Pairings
  • Cheese
    Blue Cheeses, Vintage Cheddar
  • Entrée
    Spicy Tuna Roll, Teriyaki, Chicken Satay, Pad Thai, Stir-fried Vegetables, Soy-based Dishes, Pizza, Burgers, Grilled Meats, Avocado, Spicy Wings, Oily Fish
  • Dessert
    Persimmon Rice Pudding, Sorbet Ice Cream
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