"Double Milk-Bone" is a twist on our Bone Tree line of Citra-hopped IPAs.

This version is brewed with lactose and oats and hopped liberally with Citra and Citra Cryo. it's a creamy, silky juice bomb with huge mango, orange, and papaya notes. The sweet kick from the lactose is balanced out by excessive kettle hopping and dry hopping.

  • Alcohol By Volume (ABV)
Food Pairings
  • Cheese
    Sharp Cheddar, Funky Stilton, Pungent Blue
  • Entrée
    Horseradish-Crusted Steak, Chile Relleno, Fried Chicken, Shrimp Tacos
  • Dessert
    Ricotta Cheesecake, Carrot Cake
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