With the development of the production process, the master brewer has always consulted the reliable old recipes. The “Kirtabier” is the only type of beer that can be classified between “March” beer and dark export beer. It is brewed for one of the most important festival days in Bavaria, the “Kirchweih” church fest. The intensive double decoction mashing with the mixture of three malts gives the beer a warm, brown color and a well-balanced, full-bodied, solid aromatic malty quality. The salubrious character of Kirtabier is distinguished by a high degree of fermentation, a pleasant sparkle and a distinctly perceptible bitter quality. The Kirtabier comes “premium cloudy” to the bar, which means unfiltered with that full cellar taste.

  • Alcohol By Volume (ABV)
  • SRM Color Scale
    4 - 15
  • International Bitterness Units (IBUs)
  • Clarity
  • Color
    Pale to reddish-brown
Food Pairings
  • Cheese
    Gouda, Alpine
  • Entrée
    Sausage, Bread, Chicken
  • Dessert
    Cheese and Cherry Strudel
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