Beer Games: Killer

In no way related to Kill the Keg, Killer is a card game with drinking applications.

All players are dealt one card face down. One of these cards must be an ace, and the player who receives the ace is the “killer.” His mission is to assassinate the other players one at a time by winking discretely at each of them. He must not let anyone but his victim see the wink. Once a player has been “killed’’ by the wink, he declares himself dead and, to ensure that he will rest in peace, he must chug his beer. Dying is always a dramatic event and involves moaning, clutching at the throat, and generally hamming it up.

If another player sees the assassin winking at someone else, he may accuse the “killer.” If the accusation is correct, the “killer” must chug a beer for each player left alive. The cards are then collected, and another round begins. If the accusation is false, the accusing player downs a penalty drink and dies. Before giving up the ghost, he must also take his R.I.P. chug.

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