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19 Uncommon Beer Products You Should Try - BeerMod.com

19 Uncommon Beer Products You Should Try

You can find many people who enjoy drinking beer. At the same time, there are people who want to smell and taste beer in every product they use. For this reason, companies are producing new products every day by using the great taste and smell of beer. We have compiled beer products that are sold in the market for you.


Brands in the personal care space are launching beer-infused shampoos that claim to improve the appearance of hair by preventing dry scalp, removing dandruff, and improving luster. The shampoos leverage the beverage’s natural properties including phosphorus, copper, magnesium, and vitamin B.


Bleach London Beer Shampoo

Duffy’s Brew Premium IPA Craft Beer Shampoo

The Park Avenue Hop Beer Hair Wash Shampoo


Looking for a way to spice up your soap dish? Beer can come to the rescue. With a little poking around, you can find a soap made with your favorite brew. Beer soap devotees claim that the hops and brewer’s yeast in beer are terrific at soothing irritation while delivering a wallop of vitamins. They’re also a great way to add some revelry to your sink.


Swag Brewery


Brew Candy is inspired by popular craft beer flavors, and as such is a perfect fun gift for beer geeks, candy lovers, and everyone with good taste!


Swag Brewery

Hot Sauce

Beer-infused hot sauce is great as both a topping and an ingredient in your favorite foods like burgers, tacos, and much more! You can find three different types of flavors; Sriracha, Garlic Serrano, and Chipotle.


Swag Brewery

BBQ Sauce

Made with ales from world-renowned microbrewery Jackie O’s. This collection of five Kansas City-style BBQ sauces is amazing! Their ingredients are only natural products like real brown sugar and sourced vinegars and tomato paste. You can find five different types of flavors; Ghost Chile, Sweet & Smoky, Honey Mustard, Ancho Peach, Blazin Bacon.


JB’s Best


If you like mustard, Raye’s Mustard offers six different flavors of beer-flavored mustard for you. You can pair it with a pretzel, hot dog, or anything you want. You won’t regret it!


Raye’s Mustard


Veins of delicious dark Canadian Ale run through aged Canadian cheddar to create a unique cheese that can be appreciated by everyone. In every bite, you can taste the distinctive flavor of beer complementing the strong taste of the cheese.


Superior Meats


Chocolate can be great when paired with your favorite beer, but some companies go the extra mile by mixing craft beers into its ganache. The resulting sweets are the perfect excuse to make your next beer tasting a little more decadent. 


The Seriously Chocolate Company

Nunu Chocolates


A unique idea and fun to give. A way to enjoy a different twist with beef jerky, beer-flavored! You can get different types of jerk-like porter or brown ale.


Craft Beer Jerky

Righteous Felon


Pretzel is one of the favorite beer snacks. Now you can taste beer from your pretzel and even taste different beer styles.


Boardwalk Food Company Store


Beer and bread became nutritional sisters, sustaining people and sharing most ingredients. To celebrate that tradition and the rebirth of craft beer making, companies created artisanal flatbread crackers made with craft beer and whole grains. You’ll enjoy lively complexity and a sturdy texture.


Beer Flats

Jelly Beans

They have taken your favorite draft beer and turned it into a gourmet jelly bean! Enjoy the authentic taste of poured draft beer without the alcohol. These fun jelly beans are completed with a jewel-like finish for a fresh from the tap “bubbly” look. This fun keepsake tin is ideal for pocket change when the bear beans are gone.


Jelly Belly


You can almost taste the elements of beer, which makes this a fabulous choice of chewing gum. The gum has an instant cooling sensation that it gives off, followed by the creamy delicious goodness of the flavor, which is very authentic to actual beer.


Wrigley’s Dessert Delights


Blend your morning cup of joy and night-time craft brew with this coffee featuring notes of hops and barley.


Sean Godbey

Ice Cream

If you love pastry stouts or only ice cream, you will definitely love beer-flavored ice cream!


Yuengling’s Ice Cream


For all you beer lovers out there! They infuse fleur de sel with a local brew of impeccable quality and taste: Salt Spring Island’s own Dry Porter Ale from Salt Spring Ale. Great on a variety of dishes — meats, chicken, fish, veggies or use your imagination.


Salt Spring Sea Salt


You can elevate your beer-and-burger game with pickles that use actual beer and hop oil to create pickles that will win the heart of any drinker.


Brooklyn Brine Co.


Want to enjoy peanuts with your beer but don’t feel like a salty snack? Beer brittle is the perfect compromise. There are countless recipes out there But you can also skip the kitchen by buying your own created beer brittle.


Anette’s Chocolates

Lucas Crafted


When making any whiskey, you start with grains. Those grains are milled, mashed, and then fermented to make a wash—also called a distiller’s beer. But this “beer” isn’t at all pleasant to drink—and of course, it lacks hops, which flavor the beer. But, these brands below all started with a ready-to-drink beer at distillation.

This practice isn’t new. In fact, you’ll find some German beer brands that have done this for quite some time and are often referred to as bier schnaps. That said, distilling from drinkable beer yields pricey whiskeys as a result. But they are definitely worth trying.


Berkshire Mountain Distillers

3 Howls

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